Our top restaurants in Paris 16

Appreciated for its private mansions, opulent buildings and romantic gardens, the peaceful 16th arrondissement is also home to some exceptional restaurants. Let’s take a tour of the starred, authentic and trendy restaurants of Paris 16, which are bringing new life to the area’s beautiful neighborhoods.

The institution: Le Pré Catelan

As a child, he wanted to be a cabinetmaker. But he did well to give up wood. The only MOF with three Michelin stars, alongside Paul Bocuse, and a leading figure on the French culinary scene, since 1997 Frédéric Anton has been at the helm of this cult address in the Bois de Boulogne, which has become one of the best gourmet restaurants in Paris. Sublimated by architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, the Napoleonic pavilion offers a sumptuous decor, in symbiosis with the surrounding greenery. A fabulous Paris 16 restaurant to try once in your life.

On the plate? A cuisine d'auteur that's subtle without being pretentious, brilliant yet accessible. This is the pinnacle of French haute cuisine, with dishes that are works of art, where aesthetics compete with emotion, such as the incredible smoked salmon with cherry wood, or the grandiose squab with nettle juice. Newcomer, young chef Max Martin explores a raw and desugared pastry, we remember with emotion his candied rhubarb, lemon sablé, vanilla ice cream and crispy opaline. Great art.

Good to know? Frédéric Anton's cuisine can also be enjoyed at Jules Verne, the Michelin-starred restaurant on the Eiffel Tower, and at the Don-Juan II barge.

How much does it cost? Lunch menu €175, thirteen-course dinner menu €380.

Le Pré Catelan
Route de la Grande Cascade, Bois de Boulogne, 75016 Paris

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Métissé: Alan Geaam

In the Alan Geeam galaxy, focus on the Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris 16. For once, the Lebanese chef has made an infidelity to his adopted Marais, where he reigns over an empire: the Qasti bistro, Sâj, dedicated to Lebanese galettes, the Doukane grocery store and Faurn, a new address for Levantine pizzas, to exfiltrate to the Rue Lauriston. Here, you'll find his sunny cuisine, a blend of French gastronomy and Lebanese influences.

alan Geaam

On the plate? Black falafel with smoked eel; barbecued lobster with soudjouk spices; milk-fed lamb from the Pyrenees, eggplant and smoked cardamom, the chef's virtuosity is expressed in every bite, in a profusion of perfectly balanced flavors.

Good to know? Mezzés, main courses and desserts are available by click and collect from the 3rd arrondissement workshop or by home delivery.

How much does it cost? Three- and seven-course menus €88 and €158

Alan Geaam
19 rue Lauriston, 75016 Paris

alan Geaam

In its prime: Les Marches

Did you know? One of the capital's last remaining truckers is rooted in the heart of the 16th arrondissement.tucked away just a stone's throw from the Trocadéro, Les Marches is a family-run bistro with a quiet terrace. For a handful of euros, you can enjoy simple, generous dishes in a friendly atmosphere far removed from stuffy suppers.

On the plate? Proudly displaying its "all-butter, well-cared-for cuisine", the menu features a host of irresistible home-cooked dishes: poached eggs with morel mushrooms; mimosa leeks; pâté en croûte; and to follow: fillet of beef with Béarnaise sauce; kidneys à la Dijonnaise; stuffed tomatoes.... A dinette just the way you like it. Yummy.

© Les Marches

Good to know? There's no fuss on the wine front either, with an easy-to-read, affordable wine list sourced from the roads of France.

How much does it cost? Starters from €6, main courses from €14 to €32. The best value for money in the neighborhood at this restaurant in Paris's 16th arrondissement.

Les Marches
5 rue de la Manutention, 75016 Paris


The Chinese star: Shang Palace

In the basement of the Parisian palace Shangri-La, this temple to Chinese gastronomy offers authentic cuisine that has been starred for over ten years. Hong Kong chef Samuel Lee orchestrates this high-flying culinary voyage in a hushed decor: lacquer screens, prints, sculpted columns... all lulled by the sound of live zither. A change of scenery guaranteed.

shang Palace

On the plate? The opulent menu features some 70 specialties from the Canton region. No egg rolls, but divine dim sum, traditional soups, seafood, wok-fried or crispy vegetables... The only exception: two-course Peking Peking duck, served in a rice pancake. Another star of the menu: beggar's chicken cooked for hours in a clay crust (order 48 hours in advance).

Good to know? In addition to the main dining room, the Paris 16 restaurant has three private rooms named after the Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties, seating 12 to 24 people.

How much does it cost? Menu Découverte €78, Menu Émeraude €178

Shang Palace / Shangri-La Paris
10, avenue d'Iéna, 75016 Paris

Plants: Forest

After Tortuga and Créatures on the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette and Chez Oim in Pigalle, young prodigy Julien Sebbag takes over the Musée d'Art Moderne, under the auspices of Benjamin Patou's Moma Group. The setting: a Brutalist-style urban refuge (concrete, plant walls) with a beautiful view over the Seine. Here, the self-taught chef expresses his plant-based Mediterranean cuisine, with virtuous, ultra-careful sourcing.


On the plate? The delicious, colorful dishes that are the DNA of this disruptive chef: shawarma with grilled pollack, kohlrabi, chervil, cashew sauce and ginger; red tuna tartar, kiwi, mint, shallots, roasted hazelnuts and zaatar... Special mention for the "crash kebab" with grilled beef, eggplant, raw thina, cherry tomatoes, tarragon, pine nuts and red onions. A feast to lick off your plate.

Good to know? DJ and producer Dorion Fiszel, known for his Je t'aime parties at Rouge Pigalle, is in charge of the DA and musical programming.


How much does it cost? From €15 per dish.

Forest / Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris
11 avenue du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris


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