Janine, Parisian bistro of yesterday and tomorrow

Janine can be proud of having given her first name to her grandson Thibault Sizun’s bistro. In just two years, it has become a firm fixture with ripailleurs in the Batignolles district and beyond.

The Rue des Dames boasts a number of fine restaurants on either side of the Rue de Rome - the historic boundary between the old-school bourgeoisie and their offspring - but Janine is truly the most pleasant of them all and, above all, the one that finally brings these two generations together. It's a restaurant that brings people together, that's cheeky and that's damn good. In a word, a bistro as only Paris has the secret.

8janine © studio luminescence
© studio luminescence

Neighborhood bistro and more

Thibault Sizun - who previously worked at IDA - had the idea of opening a bistro that would revive traditional French cuisine, with a more contemporary twist. He found what he was looking for in the two-storey building, which has the feel of a family home. This impression is heightened tenfold by the décor, which blends the codes of a brasserie: zinc counters, period tiling, bistro chairs... With those of a country house: an accumulation of paintings, portraits of ancestors and historical figures (Janine in the spotlight, needless to say), soft colors, antique and mismatched crockery... The result is a warm welcome.

Customers and professionals alike are not mistaken. It's often fully booked, and the Guide Lebey awarded it its prize for best bistro 2024.

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Surprising with traditional dishes: that's the secret

While the menu may seem simple at first glance (terrine de campagne, marinated sardines, filet de cannette, catch of the day), the wizardry of chef Hitoshi Minatani (ex-Freddy's with MOF Eric Trochon) is revealed at first bite. It's in the daring but pertinent combinations, as well as in the striking seasonings. The "Rabbit with escabeche, grilled pointed cabbage, tarragon mayonnaise and green chili pepper" is proof of this, and has quickly become the best-seller on the menu, as it succeeds in the crazy challenge of reinventing grandma's culinary heritage, without distorting it but giving it a youthful twist! And the rest of the menu follows suit. Hitoshi is a balancing act, never taking the easy way out or showing off. Great bistro art.

4janine © florence valencourt

Add to this a wine list composed by Thibault with love and a definite taste for the work of winegrowers (250 references without false note), a warm welcome and adorable service, and you've found the secret of our Janine's fame. A grandmother like we all dream of.

Lunch menu at 28€. A la carte from 50 to 60€

6janine © florence valencourt  48janine © stephane riss 

Things to remember

A truly good neighborhood address. The one where you regularly meet up with friends and family, and that you introduce to the people you love. The guarantee of a good meal and a good time. Which, when it comes to restaurants these days, isn't all that common. It's an address you can pass on to others with a smile.

90, rue des Dames, 75017 Paris
Monday to Friday, 12pm to 2pm and 7pm to 10pm

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