The best palace tea times in Paris

Paris, capital of fashion. Paris, capital of art. And Paris, of course, capital of gastronomy. For several years now, tea time has been a must for lovers of sweet treats and majestic settings. Take a look at the five best tea times in Parisian palaces.

Tea time experiences to be had at least once in Paris


Ritz Paris | Back to childhood at the Salon Proust

How could we not start with one of the best tea time experiences in Paris, in one of the capital's most famous establishments, if not the most famous: the Ritz Paris, founded by Caesar Ritz. Renovated several times before its grand reopening in 2016, the palace has played host to a number of world-famous personalities for over a century, including Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway (whose bar bears his name), Jean Cocteau and Marcel Proust. Proust also gave his name to a salon that hosts one of the city's most unusual tea times: the Goûter à la française.

thé à la française salon proust ritz paris © bernhard winkelmann

Why so singular? Because chef François Perret's offer is centered on snack items, with an experience built around the madeleine (Proust's), cookies (lunettes, tuiles, spritzs, baquettes, sablés, tartes...) and iconic French pastry cakes such as baba, gâteau basque, marshmallows, marbré and gavottes. All accompanied by teas, often grand cru Chinese, served with care. A different approach, tinged with luxury, in a sacralized universe that takes us back to childhood. A "must do" tea time in Paris.

thé à la française salon proust © bernhard winkelmann 2022 (13)

thé à la française salon proust © bernhard winkelmann 2022 (18)

Ritz Paris
Every day from 2pm to 6pm
Le goûter à la française €68
Le Gourmand (with a dessert from Bar Vendôme) €83
Le Royal (with a glass of Champagne Barons de Rothschild Réserve Ritz) €88

15 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris

Le Burgundy Paris | Travel to the ends of the earth with every bite

It may not be the best-known Parisian hotel, but the Burgundy has been home to French pastry talents for several years now: Pascal Hainigue (later at the Bristol), Pierre-Jean Quinonero (now at the Four Seasons Cap-Ferrat) and now Léandre Vivier. A pastry prodigy who has worked at the Peninsula and most recently as assistant pastry chef to Michael Bartocetti at the Four Seasons George V, the young chef has put his stamp on a Parisian tea time already known by sweet tooths for its excellent value for money. A budding filmmaker, Léandre Vivier is also an avid traveler. And it's this passion that he wanted to convey in his exclusively sweet tea time. An exotic "gourmet experience" that begins with an iced pre-dessert and continues with pastry creations that are already highly recognizable. Each time, the piece proposed includes an element from its travels, from spices to vanilla, fruit or spirits. A symbol of sharing, a brioche with milk jam and blue vanilla from La Réunion closes this sweet and bewitching moment. And if you enjoyed the trip, it's renewed every season!

millefeuille maracuja crédit le serial patissteur

le goûter du burgundy léandre vivier (1)

Le Goûter du Burgundy
Thursday to Sunday, 3pm to 6pm
Seven sweet treats, accompanied by a choice of hot beverage: tea, hot chocolate, infusion, coffee (€55) and possibly a glass of Charles Heidsieck champagne (€70)

6-8 rue Duphot, 75001 Paris

Four Seasons George V | Gastronomic tea time

Tea time in Paris inevitably means tea time at the George V. Under the leadership of Michael Bartocetti, the capital's most Michelin-starred address has for some years been offering a different approach to this highly prized moment for French and foreigners alike. Renewed five or six times a year, depending on the season and the festive period, it follows the codes of true team time, with a savoury part, a sweet part - a tribute to the excellence of French pastry - and a final part devoted to snacks. But in a version that breaks away from traditional codes: plate service, hot and cold, variety, precision and indulgence. The excellence of a Michelin-starred restaurant in a tea time version.

George V "Tea Time"
Accompanied by your choice of hot beverage and a glass of Champagne Brut, Rosé or non-alcoholic 95 €

31 avenue George V, 75008 Paris

The Peninsula Paris | An enchanting break

For more than two years now, with the arrival of Anne Coruble, the Peninsula has taken another step forward by offering an equally atypical tea time. Not in its form, since the famous three-tiered promontory is still enthroned, but in its flavours. The savoury side of the menu (three top-flight items) is a fine piece of culinary work, while the sweet side is designed as a didactic journey: pre-dessert (often iced, or at least very light), original pastries (toasted Tahitian vanilla & tobacco leaf, for example) and meticulous travel cakes (cookie, flan, scone). With a hot drink, of course. And it's hard to miss the Viennese chocolate. Chic, elegant and full of flavour.

The Peninsula Paris
Monday to Saturday, 3pm to 6pm
L'heure du Thé €75
L'Heure du Thé prestige, accompanied by a flute of Deutz Peninsula champagne or cocktail of the month €95

19 Avenue Kléber, 75116 Paris

Shangri-La Paris | Tea time chic and relaxed

Somewhat isolated in the capital, the Shangri-La is nonetheless a must for lovers of Parisian gastronomy, whether for its brunch, its Asian gastro restaurant or its tea time à la Bauhinia. It's one of the playgrounds of chef Maxence Barbot, who offers one of the most affordable dining experiences in Paris. Always a few savory pieces signed Quentin Testart, sweet delights following the chef's iconic techniques (notably his foliage) and a sweet return to childhood to finish. All in all, the perfect way to spend a relaxing moment under the glass dome.

Shangri-La Paris
Saturday and Sunday, 3pm to 6pm
Tea time €68 (€130 for two) / €88 with a glass of champagne (€170 for two)

10 avenue d'Iéna, 75116 Paris

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